When Life Gave Her Polio, She Smiled Back at It

Beyond Polio 12 Sep , 2016 0 Comments Blog
© Srilatha KS
© Srilatha KS

At the age of three, doctors diagnosed Srilatha KS with polio. Now 33 years old and living in Bengaluru, India, she recalls how the diagnosis changed her life. Today she works for IBM India and won the “Miss Beautiful Smile” title at the Miss Wheelchair India pageant in 2015. She recalls that being hired by IBM three years ago was what set her path in a new direction. Prior to landing her current job as a senior practitioner in accounts, she was unable to afford a wheelchair and, losing the ability to walk at such a young age resulted in her having to crawl everywhere. In this interview, she discusses her struggles with polio and how she didn’t let her diagnosis hold her back from a career.

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