“The Impact of Jonas Salk”

Beyond Polio 12 Oct , 2015 0 Comments News and Events

The Salk vaccine eradicates polio — forever.  Come celebrate World Polio Day and the esteemed Salk biographer, Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs, M.D. at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, CT, 1800 East Putnam Avenue.

The event will take place Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Speakers include Kevin Kimberlin & Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs.

Because of HEROs like Jonas Salk we are on the cusp of the eradication of Polio. Hear the uplifting success story of Dr. Salk’s humanitarian efforts told by Jonas Salk biographer, Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs. Kevin Kimberlin, Spencer Trask Chairman, business partner of Jonas Salk explaining how Salk’s work has contributed to the next potential health revolution –  personalized vaccines. We dare you to leave unchanged.

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