Polio Case Confirmed in Jacobadad, Pakistan

Beyond Polio 11 Mar , 2016 0 comments Blog
Photographer: Alyce Henson; Courtesy of Rotary International
Photographer: Alyce Henson; Courtesy of Rotary International

This week, health officials confirmed a new polio case in Jacobadad, a district in Sindh, Pakistan. This is the second polio case detected in the area this year– the other being in Karachi– bringing the total number of cases in Pakistan to six. Authorities say that, despite receiving the vaccine seven times, 18-month-old Noor Fatima still contracted the virus, adding that the virus can still occur in children who have low immunity, even after receiving the vaccine. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Islamabad confirmed the case after reviewing the child’s lab results. The city of Karachi says it will be holding a three-day eradication drive beginning on March 14, and will target 2.2 million children to be vaccinated.

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