Rihanna Among Those Calling for the Eradication of Polio, Performs at Global Citizen Festival

Beyond Polio 25 Sep , 2016 0 Comments Blog
Photo by EJ Hersom
Photo by EJ Hersom

Celebrities have long been vocal when it comes to causes they believe in, and the latest celeb to speak out, specifically on polio, is singer Rihanna, who performed at the Global Citizen Festival held in NYC earlier this month. The festival is an annual event that is “an action-rewarded, awareness driven free music festival where fans engage with causes in order to win tickets,” according to the Global Citizen website.

During a video message aired during the festival, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lauded Rihanna for her support saying, “Lately my office has been flooded with phone calls and tweets from many of you. Thanks Rihanna! I’ve heard your voices loud and clear on a whole range of issues—from supporting the eradication of polio, to ensuring every girl everywhere has the chance to go to school. Canada has long supported efforts to fight polio, which is now 99.9 percent eliminated. And we will be a strong partner through to the end. Thank you for keeping these issues on our global agenda. Keep calling, keep tweeting, keep lighting up our switchboards. We’re listening, and we’re taking action. You’ve shown to the world that change starts with you. Together, we will end it for good.”

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